New Music

This Is Life: Timelessly

This Is Life: Never Saw The Sun

Marny Proudfit: Alaska

Marny Proudfit: Time Stopped

Every Other Thursday: Own Way Out

Hillary Richmond: Take It Back

Flat Swamp: Separate Ways

Flat Swamp: Every Once In a While

Shea Vaccaro: Australia or Anywhere

The Western Den: Armour

The Western Den: The Minister

Amy Allen: Before The Plunder

Schad & Hartlett: Nobody Cares

Schad & Hartlett: Forget It

Michael Williams: You aint nothin

Christina Pasqualone: Just Love Me Now

Liz Lohnes: Fly Away

Sodasia Thompson: Ricochet

Sodasia Thompson: Soda

Sodasia Thompson: Soda II


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Apr 3, 2013
Please visit On The Ear Music at facebook

Nov 5, 2012
Nils Gums Management
Please visit for information about submissions for beat producers and artists. Berklee A&R / Artist Development will be taking submissions for his team to review. We will be taking very current personalized video submissions from male and female vocalist....MP3 files are required from the beat producers....You must be current Berklee students or alum to submit.

Apr 20, 2012
The Berklee A&R / Artist Development Group
Please watch for our new round of artist and songwriter auditions all year round Information available via Facebook-Berklee A&R and posted through out the Berklee College campus: