The Figures


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Sutton Gaddis and Paul Haigh were introduced to each other in 2006 while attending high school in Yorktown, Virginia; they were 15 and 16 years of age. Sharing a common lust for music and lyrics they began composing together from the start. They formed a strong writing partnership that allowed them to refine their craft and push each other into excellence, never settling for second best. Yearning for the opportunities of a large city, they boldly decided to pickup and move to Boston, Massachusetts to pursue a career in music. They left for Boston seeking a musical sound comprised of lushious 3-part harmonies and inciteful, thought inducing lyrics. Arriving in August of 2011, Sutton Gaddis would later attend Berklee College of Music in the Spring of 2012; however, they met Scott Bissonnette weeks after moving to Massachusetts. Scott Bissonnette, a New Bedford, Massachusetts resident and well seasoned musician, began his path in music at 8 years of age. Together, Sutton Gaddis, Paul Haigh, and Scott Bissonnette would strike out in the Massachusetts music scene, make a name for themselves, and draw in audiences from around Massachusetts with their original music.