Byron Manchest


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While born and Raised in South Africa, Byron Manchest has made his current home Boston, Ma. Growing up in Cape Town, Byron was heavily influenced by the surrounding hype of soccer and rugby. After years of being a great asset to the national rugby team, Byron reconnected with his first love, music. His impressive melodies and harmonies were founded at the Drakensberg Boys' Choir School, where he trained under the top classical vocalists in the country. As he attending school four hours away from his family, he found himself filling his free time listening to what now are some of his favorite artists such as Marvin Gaye. During this time, Byron made it his mission to accompany his original tunes as his idol Stevie Wonder had done. Moving forward, Byron wrote lyrics and melodies of that which reminded him of family and the hardships of his hometown. At 17, Byron flew himself to Boston for one of the biggest auditions of his life, now resulting in his attendance at Berklee College of Music. Byron is working with some of the top professors, producers and talent managers to become the artist he has always dreamed to be and is looking forward to sharing his music with anyone willing to listen. He looks forward to the future and his upcoming career.