About Us

The sole purpose of On The Ear Music LLC is to discover, produce, develop and guide new clients in the field of music.
Once we feel that criteria is met we promote, publicize and solicit our roster of artists and songwriters to contacts and associates within the music, film, television and internet industries. Our core mission.... secure film and / or TV sync deals for our songwriters while also placing our performing artists in a position that will draw interest from both indie and major labels.
This site is dedicated to producing, developing, promoting and publicizing our clients, the very best of today’s young, inspired songwriters and performing artists from all over the world. Music industry veteran Joe James has assembled and leads a well-rounded team that consists of A&R, digital & strategic marketing and PR specialists, as well as a fresh group of young producers and engineers. This combination of studio and music business expertise ensures a creative and balanced development for each artist the team works with.

On The Ear Music